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I'm listening I Dont Know What Im Doing a 2003 album by Brad Sucks.And i really love to give credits this bands. Brad Sucks is a one-man band who writes, records, mixes and distributes his music from his home in Ottawa, Canada.I'm taking mails for reviewing but i don't write any info about a band or artist which i don't like.
My first recommendation will be 'Work Out Fine' from this album.Strangely,it's the last song.Starting with slow vocals and leaving the music to placid guitar solos.

'Look And Feel Years Younger' is combining slow vocals with sharp guitar sounds.And again you'll hear an indie style guitar solo near the end of song.I think it is wanderful and it is not simple at all.Shining and rising at your ear with listening more then one.'Fixing My Brain' is another song same sound with 'Work Out Fine'.But there is anything different in this song.There is little happiness beyond this song.

'Bad Attraction' is a rhythmic song.''Yeah yeah'',''Satisfaction yeah ,Bad Attraction yeah',and suddenly music changes you're noticing great vocal performance with guitar creaks,Guitar solos are really awesome,it's the best song of this album.

'I Think I Started A Trend' has a taste like alternative country songs.I think you won't find an unique style in this album (indie rock,indie electronic,lo fi,indie pop).There are lots of styles which are strolling around indie mainly.You can listen whole album from here.


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