8 Countries 8 Bands

United States
Botanica - Berlin Hi-Fi(2006)
How is a great song from Berlin Hi-Fi.

Fool's Garden - Ready For The Real Life(2005)
Maybe little commercial but Does Anybody Know is a great single from the album.
Also they've great songs like Lemon Tree,Probably,Why Did She Go? from their
previous albums.Fool's Garden is a band which you shouldn't miss.

Louise Attaque - A Plus Tard Crocodile(2005)
Si l'On Marchait Jusqu' à Demain,See You Later Alligator

Buffalo Daughter - New Rock(1998)
New Rock, Great Five Lakes, Socks, Drugs and Rock'n'roll
New rock is a good melody you should check it out.Vocals are so transparent,guitar
tunes strange.They influenced from Beastie Boys.

Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice(1999)
Maybe you heard their hit song 'Too Many DJs' but there are great songs in this album
When Logics Die is my pick from the album.

United Kingdom
Keane - Under The Iron Sea(2006)

Maida Vale - Neo-Bliss (2005)
Maida Vale is a Rock / Metal / Progressive band.i can recommend 'Guide to the game o'
from their Neo-Bliss Cd single.

Martyn Jones
Martyn Jones composes, plays and records artsy/rock type music for pleasure,
and for occasionally sharing with anyone who wants to listen.Make a difference
is a great work.
You can listen and download free his songs from here

Why these countries?Because from up to down , they visited more modern music .


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