Scott Walker - Drift (2006)

Modern Music Album Review:

I think this album should be the most amazing album of the year.I listened and listened again for one week and there are lots of complicated feelings in this release.Scott Walker did a wanderful job to release such a perfect, synthetic, diabolical, painful album. He worked for several years for this album and it was worth to work such a real music. I prefer to listen this album when the sun goes down. Hand Me Ups is one of the perfect song which i heard in this year. Screams are perfecly, claps are threatening in this song. And album cover tells all the treasures in this album. Just look at the cover and you'll see the real pain. The Drift is one of my perfect experience. 'Forever and ever forever and ever' like scott says in the song .buy this


michael said...

I listened to this last night and was captvated from beginning to end. A sonic nightmare like no other I've heard. It's a keeper for certain.

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