The Drama Club

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Formed in 2005, The Drama Club features Nick Coyle, Nate Bevan, RJ Maclean, Jon Novakovich and Randy Elmy and is based out of Wilkes-Barre, PA. The band has just released their debut ep called "Greatest Hits" which was produced by Bill Appleberry (The Wallflowers). All tour dates and more info check out

Modern Music Review:
I listened only three songs of them.I think you'll love them if you listen groups like papa roach
I think their best work in this three song is With me or against me including active and energetic guitar melodies.Near the end of this song you'll hear short guitar solo and i think they should use more this solos,short but impressive and i'm sure they'll improve their this side(using more guitar solos make their music more alive).You can listen their other songs if you like sound of with me or against me.Vocals are clear and high-spirited.
You can download and listen from here


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