Sandie Shaw - Princess Of Britpop

Sandie Shaw's hits have been repackaged so many times that there are far more compilations of her work than there ever were original albums. She formed a formidable pop partnership with writer Chris Andrews in the mid-'60s, taking songs like the breathy "Girl Don't Come," "Long Live Love," and the annoyingly bouncy Eurovision Song Contest winner, "Puppet on a String," to the top of the British charts. This collection, however, goes well beyond the surface to offer a slightly stripped-down version of 64-67 Complete Sandie Shaw, which covers every track she released on Pye during those three years. So if you want more than the recycled hits but you're not willing to dive in and get everything, this offers some good middle ground. And make no mistake, Shaw was the princess of Brit-pop at the time (even if the term hadn't been coined then). She was hip, dressed in the best Mary Quant with the fashionable straight hair and trademark bare feet on-stage. The fact that she didn't have much of a voice (certainly when compared to a contemporary like Dusty Springfield) was irrelevant. She could turn on the emotion in "Ask Any Woman," a 1967 track which illustrates just how far she'd come from the naïveté of her debut, "As Long as You're Happy, Baby." And while most of the material from Andrews' pen is straight out of the Denmark Street/Brill Building pop school, aiming toward neo-girl group pop, the pair does take some chances, tweaking the formula interestingly on "I've Heard About Him" and "Long Walk Home," while going folky with "Nothing Comes Easy." Shaw may never have been one of the great singers -- even later in the '60s, when she became far more eclectic and experimental in her approach -- but she was part of a Zeitgeist with some great songs, the mistress of a moment.


bulut on 5:37 pm said...

01. As Long As You're Happy Baby.mp3
02. [There's] Always Something There To Remind Me.mp3
03. Girl Don't Come.mp3
04. I'd Be Far Better Off Without You.mp3
05. Gotta See My Baby Every Day.mp3
06. Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself.mp3
07. It's In His Kiss.mp3
08. I'll Stop At Nothing.mp3
09. You Can't Blame Him.mp3
10. Long Live Love.mp3
11. I've Heard About Him.mp3
12. Message Understood.mp3
13. Don't You Count On It.mp3
14. You Don't Love Me No More.mp3
15. I Don't Need That Kind of Lovin'.mp3
16. How Can You Tell.mp3
17. Tomorrow.mp3
18. Nothing Comes Easy.mp3
19. Stop Before You Start.mp3
20. Run.mp3
21. Long Walk Home.mp3
22. Think Sometimes About Me.mp3
23. Hide All Emotion.mp3
24. I Don't Need Anything.mp3
25. Keep In Touch.mp3
26. Puppet On A String.mp3
27. Tell The Boys.mp3
28. Ask Any Woman.mp3


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Thanks a lot. Have a nice easter

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Thanks, you're a monster in this business! Don't change EVER!

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thanks for this album..and the rest of what you always have in here


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How can you download this album, I don't see a ling anywhere?


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