Muse - Showbiz (1999)

The musical touchstone for the British trio Muse is obviously Radiohead and that fact is crystal clear from the smoldering opening cut, "Sunburn." Their John Leckie-produced debut, Showbiz, is strong on angst-filled vocals, esoteric lyrics, and dramatic shifts in sonic dynamics. Hailing from rural England, singer/guitarist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard average 20 years of age, so there's plenty of potential for them to grow into a sound that is more of their own. In the meantime, Bellamy does an impressive job of aping the quirky, nervous vocal tic of Thom Yorke on songs like the mid-tempo, Mellotron-driven "Muscle Museum," and he cuts loose vocally on the soaring "Cave" and on the lovely, mournful ballad "Unintended." Showbiz hints at the potential in this young band, and it should be of interest to many Radiohead fans.


... on 10:23 pm said...

Unfortunatly I can't see your second part to this piece, though I wish I could to see if you've eaten your words after listening to their next three albums.

Showbiz was muse's first album and you're right, with much room for improvement. Though I don't belive they're anything like Radiohead now if you've listened to their three latest albums and their latest one to come around in early summer. Just keep in mind that when they wrote half of Showbiz, Matt was 16. Which is amazing if you ask me.

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