Medications - Your Favorite People All In One

Another offshoot from a defunct Washington DC band, the Medications were started when former Smart Went Crazy and Faraquet guitarist and vocalist Devin Ocampo teamed up with drummer Andrew Becker and (eventually) former Faraquet member Chad Molter on bass. They quickly got songs together and their debut EP was released in 2004. They also appeared on the Burn to Shine DVD, compiled by Fugazi's Brendan Canty, who also produced their debut full length, "Your Favorite People All In One Place" -- released in June of 2005. The band spent the rest of 2005 on the road in support of that collection.


bulut on 1:02 pm said...

1. Surprise!
2. ...Or at Least as Bad
3. Twine Time
4. This Is the Part We Laugh About
5. Magazines for Entertainment
6. Pills
7. Last of the Rest Was the End
8. Opinions
9. I Am the Harvest
10. Occupied

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