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Maven formed in Los Angeles.It's sure posting about them that their sound is original to consider.It is worth to search info about them and really like to digging out their music.Frontman of maven is Bon Harris(Nitzer Ebb), former co-frontman of cult electronic act Nitzer Ebb, has reemerged with his new band MAVEN and is about to release their first digital EP for Cordless Recordings. one the important person.Billy corgan who asked Bon to co-produce his solo album The Future Embrace.Harris also worked closely with Marilyn Manson, programming electronics and recording for the shock-rocker's 2000 album Holy Wood. Manson appears as a guest on Maven's cover of Nick Cave's Hard On For Love.
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They're holding and playing electronic music some kind of strange way.While listening their music,Sometimes you can think their sound is industrial but their musics are changeable and this is one the best way to create an original music.You can find industrial,electronic,glam
rhythm ,tones in their music.The song which I highly recommend ''Candidate''.Very important song.Starting with dark and suffocating way but after a while The Song is destroying all of your idea ,this is a strong point.''Candidate'' can be a brigde with new Maven's fans.Second important song is ''Mary''.More anger and more pain in this song...
After listening ''Mary''.It's the best choice to pass Silverbirds which have more tender and synthetic melodies.
Maven - Candidate()
Maven - Mary
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