Joy Division - Les Bains Douches

Having spent almost 20 years scraping by on the 2nd half of "Still" and various bootlegs of generally hideous quality, I didn't know what to expect when this was released. WHAT A TREAT! Many of these songs work at least as well as the studio versions, and if you're like me and generally prefer a good live version of a tune to studio work, some are definitive versions. "These Days" is absolutely stunning. "New Dawn Fades" also sounds amazing. This stuff is vastly superior in both sound and performance quality to either "Still" or "Preston (whatever date that show was)".

You get a killer selection of titles, including an early, incomplete version of Passover and obscure titles like "Autosuggestion." There's not much inter-song banter, but Ian wasn't that type of frontman really.

Only the first 9 songs are actually from Les Baines Douches; the other stuff is from a Holland show and the sound isn't quite as good, but overall this is an absolute gem for Joy Division fans.

Seriously, it's worth the purchase price just for the incredible version of "These Days." I can listen to that track five times in a row, easy.


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