Counting Crows - Recovering The Satellites

For their second album, Recovering the Satellites, Counting Crows crafted a self-consciously challenging response to their unexpected success. Throughout the record, Adam Duritz contemplates his loss of privacy and sudden change of fortunes, among other angst-ridden subjects. In one sense, it's no different from the subjects that dominated August and Everything After, yet his outlook is lacking the muted joy that made "Mr. Jones" into a hit. Similarly, the music is slightly more somber, yet the approach is harder and more direct, which gives even the ballads a more affecting, visceral feel. Recovering the Satellites occasionally bogs down in its own pretentiousness -- for a roots rock band, the group certainly has a lot of artsy goals -- yet when they scale back their ambitions to simple folk-rock, such as on the single "A Long December," they are at their most articulate.


bulut on 12:16 pm said...

1. Catapult
2. Angels Of The Silence
3. Daylight Fading
4. I'm Not Sleeping
5. Goodnight Elizabeth
6. Children In Bloom
7. Have You Seen Me Lately
8. Miller's Angels
9. Another Horsedreamers Blues
10. Recovering The Satellites
11. Monkey
12. Mercury

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