Breeders - Saints cds (1994)

As on most CD EPs, the extra tracks on this three-song single are pretty much for fans only, but, in this case, the extras will likely intrigue Breeders fans. Besides the J. Mascis-produced title track, one of the best songs from the Breeders' 1993 breakout Last Splash, this EP includes an early demo of the album's first hit, "Cannonball," entitled "Grunggae." A portmanteau of the musical genres grunge and reggae, it's actually a pretty apt description of this song's unique, chugging groove, and this mostly instrumental version -- Kim Deal sings a few stray lines here and there, but the lyrics appear to be unwritten at this point -- points out its strengths without the distractions of the gimmicky elements that made it a big radio and MTV hit. The third track is a demo of "New Year" that contains more of the elements of the finished song than "Grunggae," but is considerably noisier and rougher than the comparatively poppy album track.


zuam said...

thanks for this early Breeders single. Have never actually heard this demo-version of Cannonball, it's great!

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