The Young Knives

Indie / Pop Punk / Classic Rock
Want the skinny on the best (nearly) new band in Britain? Just ask... Who? What? Where? The Young Knives - drummer Oliver Askew, singer/ guitarist Henry Dartnall and his brother The House Of Lords (yes, we’ll come to that) - formed in rocktastic Ashby-de-la-Zouch nine years ago. Being young and daft they spent their time playing bad funk and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin covers until, luckily, university split the band. Four years later; older, wiser and now a bit embarrassed about the Ned’s Atomic Dustbin thing, they decided to reconvene by moving to that other cesspit of punk rock depravity, Oxford. The Young Knives is a great name, who thought of it? “It came from a Scottish history book,” says The House Of Lords. “I misread an etching that had three young chaps pulling a laird from his horse. It actually said 'young knaves', but knives was a good approximation. More info can be find at
Contains 15 song.My suggest ''The Night Of The Trees'' you should listen this song amazing performance.This song reminded me to listen some Sonic youth,Pixies,Pere ubu albums.


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