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The working title.A new modern rock band
CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA United States .I don't want to call their genre like alternative rock.All of the bands are named alternative rock by people in these days.They have a different standings with their music.Sometimes their sound can be so pure.And you can think that they are happy but there is some misery and Their lyrics are really pathetic by frontmen Joel Hamilton.This band will evolve.Their works are showing it openly.Their new CD “About-Face” has no set release date yet, but it’s expected sometime in June.

Starting of musics are very impressive but middle of the songs There's a vocal problem about the melody not him voice.So,Songs are playing but you are not listening them.The most impressive song of them is named 'The crash'.Be carefull I didn't say they are bad.Of course they have a good start with their songs and wanderful band.
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