The work of bassist Skuli Sverrisson

Skuli Sverrisson studied acoustic and electric bass in Iceland and attended Berklee College of Music. After graduating in 1991 he cut a series of CDs for Extreme with the group Mo Boma, whosework reflected world music influences while exploring electronic effects and ambient moods.

Skuli toured with guitarist Allan Holdsworth from '91 to '96 and has since been a mainstay of New York's Downtown scene. His upcoming projects include a trio CD with clarinetist Anthony Burr and a duo album with Icelandic guitarist Hilmer Jensson. Sverrisson also continues his longtime collaboration with Reed man Chris Speed, guitarist Brad Shepik, and drummer Jim Black, sharing their enthusiasm for a jazz/west-Asian/ Balkan synthesis while rooting his contribution in the music of Steve Swallow, Charlie Haden, and Jaco. "When you improvise together as long as we have, you create a relationship with more built into it than notes. You develop a language and an aesthetic trust." The team's '97 CD Pachora is available from Knitting Factory; Speed and Sverrisson also backed avant-Celtic singer Susan McKeown on last year's Bushes & Briars [Alula].

After Silence - Skuli Sverrisson & Oskar Gudjonsson

(Totally brilliant album and hard to get .. GET IT !!! )

Anthony Burr & Skuli Sverrisson - A Thousand Incidents Arise

Chris Speed - Swell Henry

steve hunt - from your heart and your soul

Chris Speed - Yeah No
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Here Skuli is around 20 years old playing world class slap and
fretless lines with Icelandic fusion band "Gammar" . He did have all
the fusion bas techniques down at that time in the early-mid '80's!

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Here Skuli is playing with a pop band. Icelandic mid-late '80's pop.
Atleast you can have fun with it at parties. By the way how many of
you knew that Skuli Sverrisson was actually in a band with Björk when
the where kids/teenagers ?
Fretless bass, slap and some Stick playing from Skuli.

Another pop band but more experimental and takes a lot of influences
from the band Japan (maybe even King Crimson) .. Fretless bass, slap
and some Stick playing from Skuli.

Skuli Sverrisson - Seremonie

Skuli's first solo CD.... Amazing work and totally unique in terms of
electric bass.

Very Nice music. Specially composed for a (re-made) vikingship journey
from Norway-Iceland-USA.

Dofinn - Hilmar Jensson
Hilmar Jensson debut CD. Great Modern Free Jazz!!

The Well - Brad Shepik
Very good stuff!!!

Oskar Gudjonsson - Far

Oskars debut. Great free grooving improv based stuff. Hilmar Jensson
on guitar and Skuli on bass. Has the first recorded duets between
Skuli and Oskar. Good stuff!!

Pachora - Ast

The Pachora lineup is Chris Speed on clarinet, Brad Shepik on electric
saz (that's saz, NOT sax) and tambura, Skuli Sverrison on bass, and
Jim Black on drums and percussion. The saz is a Middle Eastern
stringed instrument, and dumbek--played by Jim Black--is one of the
premier percussion instruments from the same region. The flavoring,
then, is heavily Middle Eastern, and Pachora light into their songs
with great intensity and even greater musicianship.

The tunes are almost all original, but based on modes and melodies
from the Middle East. The one exception to this is Pachora's cover of,
believe it or not, David Bowie's The Man Who Sold the World, which
they render with their characteristic stylings, giving it a truly
unique feel.

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