The Twilight Singers - Powder Burns (2006)

New album sideproject of Afghan Whigs.The Twilight Singers was formed as a vanity project by The Afghan Whigs leader Greg Dulli in 1997. While in-between Afghan Whigs albums and amidst a dispute with their record label, Elektra, Dulli recorded demos for the act with friends and collaborators Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhead) and Harold Chichester (Royal Crescent Mob, Howlin' Maggie) in New Orleans. The demos have an exceptionally dark, tense, and New Orleans flavored groove and swagger. As a result of the Afghan Whigs' label troubles, it is debated that Elektra leaked the demo tapes as they were widely circulated in thetradercircuit.
For Buy Best The Twilight Singers album:She Loves You


bulut on 2:50 pm said...

01. Toward The Waves
02. I'm Ready
03. There's Been An Accident
04. Bonnie Brae
05. Forty Dollars
06. Candy Cane Crawl
07. Underneath The Waves
08. My Time (Has Come)
09. Dead To Rights
10. The Conversation
11. Powder Burns
12. I Wish I Was

Mujer del Rio on 3:00 pm said...

Wow, I haven't thought about the Afghan Wigs in years.. I used to love them back in the day. I'll check this disc out, thanks.

vertigo said...

mmm, the file has only 258 bytes, something failed...

bulut on 6:02 am said...

Nothing failed.It's a text file contains link to this album.Enjoy.

vertigo said...

thanks, checking it out.

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