Robyn HITCHCOCK - You & Oblivion (1995)

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Robyn Hitchcock (born March 3, 1953) is a rock and roll singer-songwriter and psych folk artist.

Born in London, he began his recording career in 1976 with the Cambridge-based band The Soft Boys. In 1981 the band broke up and Hitchcock embarked upon his distinguished solo career, recording both under his own name and as Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (which includes Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor from The Soft Boys).

Hitchcock's musical and lyrical styles have drawn influence from his appreciation of Bob DylanSyd Barrett. His tendency for irreverent-sounding delivery has led to critics misunderstanding him as a purely novelty/comic lyricist. Many of the sentiments within his writing are actually quite serious in themselves, only framed in an unpretentious, whimsical manner. and

A lifelong Dylan fan, Hitchcock's 2002 album Robyn Sings is an album of Bob Dylan song covers including a live recording of his recreation of Dylan's Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1966 concert.

Also in 2002, Hitchcock re-united with Kimberley Rew and Windsor for The Soft Boys release of Nextdoorland.

Hitchcock has collaborated with film director Jonathan Demme on two projects: the live concert film Storefront Hitchcock (1998) and the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate, in which Hitchcock portrayed double-agent Laurent Tokar.

Additionally, Hitchcock has a keen interest in abstract art and literature, writes short stories and draws (often in a whimsical cartoon style).

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bulut on 3:05 pm said...

pw : perfect

Anonymous said...

now how about globe of frogs and perspex island.

Fat Boab on 8:22 am said...

marvellous. I would second the Globe of Frogs request. Superb record.

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