Presidents Of The USA - II

Considering the speed that their second album was delivered, the Presidents of the United States of America must have known their time in the spotlight was brief. Released exactly a year after "Lump" stormed the charts, POTUSA 2 is just like the group's debut except not as consistently engaging. A few songs have strong hooks to rival those on the debut -- particularly the two-chord rampage of "Mach 5" -- but about half of the album sounds too labored and considered, especially the hyped-up They Might Be Giants homage "Volcano." So, The Presidents of the United States 2 delivers everything that the second album from a one-hit wonder should do: it has a couple of pretty good singles intermixed with a bunch of tolerable filler that plays better as nostalgia than it did when it was currently released.


bulut on 2:52 pm said...

pass: sirmanu

01 - Ladies And Gentlemen Part l
02 - Lunatic To Love
03 - Volcano
04 - Mach 5
05 - Twig
06 - Bug City
07 - Bath Of Fire
08 - Tiki God
09 - L.I.P.
10 - Froggie
11 - Toob Amplifier
12 - Supermodel
13 - Puffy Little Shoes
14 - Ladies And Gentlemen Part ll
15 - Bonus Track 1

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