The Playwrights - English Self-Storage (2006)

It’s all about timing. The Playwrights are a majestic and angular indie-rock band from Bristol, England, with a strong pop edge. Formed in 2001 by friends and long-time collaborators Aaron Dewey (vocals) and Benjamin Shillabeer (guitar) the duo initially demoed, over the course of a year, a collection of homespun experimental indie-pop songs in bedrooms and office blocks in Bristol and beyond. Not wishing to re-record the songs or to lose momentum, the pair set about getting a band together and subsequently released the ‘finished’ recordings as a clutch of singles and an album on Benjamin’s acclaimed label Sink and Stove in 2003. This early material started receiving excellent reviews - from the likes of the UK’s mainstream music press>>READ MORE<<


bulut on 5:27 pm said...

01. Why We've Become Invisible
02. Fear Of Open Spaces
03. Dislocated (London Version)
04. Central Heating In The Summer Season
05. Movements Towards A Paperless Life
06. Where The Street Falls
07. Leave It For The Archaeologists
08. 21st Century Kaspar Hauser

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