My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything

sn't Anything is the official debut album by My Bloody Valentine, released in 1988 after years of issuing either EPs or mini-LPs. Although usually not considered as good as the follow-up Loveless, Isn't Anything was still a pioneering release for the shoegazing movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Displaying, more than ever, a strong Cocteau Twins and The Jesus & Mary Chain influence, Isn't Anything established itself as one of the leading albums in the shoegazing movement. Specifically, it is an album of, for the most part, pop-rock songs, with the almost constant use of distorted guitars reminiscent of the two referred bands, either throughout songs, undifferentiatedly, or in some cases, as a climax. The bass guitar is rarely particularly distinguishable within songs, while O'Ciosoig's drumming, in its often dry, spastic style, gives some of the songs a hint of punk-leanings. Two songs in particular, "All I Need" and "No More Sorry", in their caustic quality and dominant guitars, point towards the direction its follow-up, Loveless, would head into.



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THias was great.But can you post DAVENDRA BANHART .I am looking for it but I cant find

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