Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormenters (2006)

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01 I Will See You in Far-Off Places
02 Dear God, Please Help Me
03 You Have Killed Me
04 The Youngest Was the Most Loved
05 In the Future When All's Well
06 The Father Who Must Be Killed
07 Life Is a Pigsty
08 I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
09 On the Streets I Ran
10 To Me You Are a Work of At
11 I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
12 At Last I Am Born

Ringleader of the Tormentors is the title of Morrissey's new album. Billboard magazine described the album as showcasing "a thicker, more rock-driven sound''; Morrissey attributes this change in sound to new guitarist Jesse Tobias. The album will be released on 3 April 2006 internationally and on 4 April 2006 in North America. The album will be released on the Attack Records label.

Recording for the album commenced in late August 2005 in Rome. Mixing began in late October 2005.

The first single from the album will be "You Have Killed Me". It will be released on 27 March 2006. The single is said to effectively illustrate the new sound of the album.

Originally Morrissey was to record the album with producer Jeff Saltzman, however he could not undertake the project. Early in recording Morrissey's publicist described it as "the most full-on rock record Morrissey's ever done. It's a balls-to-the-wall rock record, not a slow one like the last one." Yet in typical Morrissey style this seems to have been a myth. Producer Tony Visconti, of T. Rex and David Bowie fame, took over the production role and Morrissey announced on, a respected fanzine site, that Ringleader of the Tormentors is to be "the most beautiful—perhaps the most gentle, so far."

Tony Visconti wrote on his website on the 1st November 2005: "We have been working on the music and each day it just sounds better and better. I find every musician in the band a joy to work with. Morrissey's vocals are passionate and confident. Right now I'm at the mixing stage and most of the musicians have gone home. I am two thirds of the way through one of the best albums I've ever worked on, with not only Morrissey at his best, but the plot has twists and turns which somehow involve film composer Ennio Morricone and an Italian children's choir. That should whet your appetite, you Moz fans, you!"

The final track listing was announced by True to You on 15 November, 2005.

The musicians recording with Morrissey in Rome were: Jesse Tobias, Alain Whyte, Boz Boorer, Gary Day, Mikey Farrell and Matt Chamberlain. Matt replaced Dean Butterworth who decided to continue drumming for Good Charlotte. Marco Origel, from the San Francisco area, engineered the album.



bulut on 2:15 pm said...

1. "I Will See You in Far-off Places"
2. "Dear God Please Help Me"
3. "You Have Killed Me"
4. "The Youngest Was the Most Loved"
5. "In the Future When All's Well"
6. "The Father Who Must Be Killed"
7. "Life Is a Pigsty"
8. "I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now"
9. "On the Streets I Ran"
10. "To Me You Are a Work of Art"
11. "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy"
12. "At Last I Am Born"

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