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Alice Cooper,Annihilator,Anorexia Nervosa,Anvil,Autopsy,Bad Religion,Behemoth,Blind Guardian,
Burzum,Cannibal Corpse,Children Of Bodom,Coroner,Cradle Of Filth,Crematory,Dark Funeral,Darkthrone,Death,Deep Purple,Dimmu Borgir,Dismember,Disturbed ,Dream Theater,Emperor ,Enthroned ,Grip Inc.,Gorgoroth ,Guns ’n’Roses,Hammerfall,Hatebreed,Impaled Nazarene,InFlames,IronMaiden,Katatonia,Kiss,Kreator,marduk,Marilyn Manson,Mayhem,Megadeth,Mercyful Fate,Ministry,Mnemic,Mordred,Mortician,Motorhead ,Napalm Death,Necrophagist,Nevermore,Nine Inch Nails,Opeth,Ozzy Osbourne,Pantera,Paradise Lost,ProPain,Prong,Queensryche,Roadrunner United,Running_Wild,Samael,Savatage,Sepultura,Six Feet Under,Skid Row,Soufly,Stratovarius,Tiamat,Trivium,Venom,Voivod,W.A.S.P.

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Anonymous said...

hey i don't mean to be a pain but the marilyn manson links don't work anymore :( i guess i got here too late. do you mind re-uploading them or something?

Anonymous said...

where is S.O.D.´s first album, please ?

bulut on 12:41 pm said...

Hi go to
you can find great metal albums there.

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