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A new Alternative / Indie / Rock band from Pennsylvania United States.I'll let you listen their some of records.Their song ''Simpler than it Seems'' is my first impact about their music.I started to know them by this song.And I wanna say this is my fav. song of them.Because This one contains
lots of guitar creaks.I liked the creaks in this songs,It's starting with good tunes and going' on.It can be easy to relax and have a rest ,get away from your hard works.Let's know them more...
Note:Their song ''Whipping Boy'' is the best choice after listening ''Simpler than it Seems''.
They just recorded their First full length record, produced by Josh Latshaw and
Chad Istvan from Boysetsfire.They'll be releasing it in mid april.

You can hear some of their recordings on their site:

More info:


Ian - band member on 4:13 pm said...

Thank you! We're honored that you like out music.

Paul said...

If you like those songs you should wait until they come out with their album. The song "Stop the bleeding" where the guitar is played with a violin bow creating an atmosphere of sorrow and melancholy, is seriously an amazing piece of musically work. As an observer of their music since its beginning, I can 100% say that their music is really getting pretty damn good.

Collin - Band Member on 1:43 am said...

Thanks paul. The album should be available in april.

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