Convert MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, VOX, MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723, M3U, AIFF, AU or Raw files to MP3, WAV, OGG, and VOX.

Some of our readers asked '' How can I convert OGG files to MP3 or something else iPod will play?''so I will help you with using this program.It's very simple to convert some ogg, mpc,wma to mp3 first you should download this program which I uploaded to my host.
Alive Mp3 converter download v3.8.0.9 (new version)
After downloaded then read this:
How to convert

Alive MP3 WAV Converter is very simple and easy to use. Just right-click on files in Windows Explorer, select Convert to MP3 (or WAV, OGG, WMA, VOX), and convert them using your predefined settings. Alive MP3 WAV Converter also allows you to convert files with command line. It supports normalizing of MP3 to MP3, WAV to WAV, WMA to WMA, OGG to OGG, and supports MP3 VBR, OGG VBR.

You can also convert MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or Raw to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and VOX formats. This program gives you the ability to finish the conversion in batches.


* 1) Convert MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and VOX files from one to another.
* 2) Support normalizing of MP3 to MP3, WAV to WAV, WMA to WMA, OGG to OGG.
* 3) Converting in batches.
* 4) Command line support.
* 5) It is very simple and easy to use. Just right click on files in the Windows Explorer, select "Convert to MP3"(or WAV, OGG,WMA,VOX) and convert them using your predefined settings.
* 6) Schedule converting support.
* 7) Allow you to convert MPC, AVI, MP1, MP2, MPA, g721, g726, g723 or Raw to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and VOX formats.
* 8) Alive MP3 WAV Converter has cool interfaces.
* 9) High converting speed, wonderful output quality.
* 10) Lifetime updates


Anonymous said...

hey bulut.Can you send the registration code please.It only turns the %60 of a song.By thr way, are you Turk and from istanbul.I JUST WONDER!
thank you for the post

bulut on 7:46 pm said...

Registration code in download file that you downloaded.Look at carefull in it ok?
And Yes I'm turkish From istanbul.

Thank you for interesting in music.

bulut on 7:47 pm said...

Registration code:

Anonymous said...

type adolf not Adolf :)

Frits said...

Tried the registration code. Doesn't work. Message:"Invalid Registration Code".

Frits said...

Thanks anonymous, just read your comment after I left my comment behind. It's working with "adolf". You must give the good name Bulut! :)(Just Kidding....)

Anonymous said...

Incase anyone else has this problem...Registration code has to be hand keyed, copy and paste wouldn't work, all CAPS on the letters. And one huge thanks for this post!!!

Anonymous said...

Me again!From istanbul too.Thank you for the registration make our day more and more beautiful.Can I want one more post GOGOL BORDELLO gypsy punk and SLEATER-KINNEY the woods.Thank you fron now on from istanbullshit!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Do you know of any converter that works for MAC's?

Thanks for any help!

Anonymous said...

Tahnks dude!!!

Drunk Santa on 3:23 pm said...

Hello mac users and music fans,

The following is a cut and paste from a message on STH awhile back.

For converting .wma into .mp3 use EasyWMA. It's a little slow but then you can put it in iTunes.

The OGG Plugin for iTunes can be found here:

And directions on how to install and use it can be found here:

NOTE: The Ogg Plugin will allow you to play Oggs and/or Convert them. If you try to use it with a fullsize library your computer will slow to a crawl. You might just want to convert them, although trancoding lossy formats is a BAD IDEA. That having been said, I transcoded all my .wma and .ogg files so I use them in my iPod.

Hope this helps.

Drunk Santa

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to open the exe file, It comes up with a password protected thing. Any idea of what I should do?

bulut on 10:32 am said...

you should read carefully pass is

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