Collective Soul - Home (2cd) (2006)

Release Notes:
With just about every hard rock band issuing collaborations with symphonies (Metallica, Kiss, The Scorpions, etc.), it was Collective Soul's turn to do the deed in 2006, with the release of the CD Home: A Live Concert Recording with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. But unlike some of the other bands that have taken the "symphonic plunge," Collective Soul's sound was always heavily orchestrated most noticeably on their 1995 hit, "The World I Know,"so it's not that big of a stretch for the band as you might assume. And as a result, it all comes off sounding more natural than usual unlike some of the other symphonic rock experiments that sound extremely forced musically.
Recorded in their hometown during April of 2005, many of the songs are actually improved in these orchestrated versions, also something that can't be said about your usual rock/symphony hybrid. Name a Collective Soul favorite and it's here "Listen," "December," the aforementioned "The World I Know," "Gel," and of course, their breakthrough hit "Shine," which serves as a set closer.
Regardless of whether you like Collective Soul or not, after hearing and viewing Home, it should be widely agreed that they're one of the few rock acts that successfully pulled off the symphonic rock experiment.



bulut on 1:05 pm said...

1. Counting the days
2. Listen
3. December
4. Compliment
5. Precious declaration
6. Needs
7. Heavy
8. Run
9. The world I know
10. Pretty Donna
11. Youth
12. Crown
13. Under Heaven Skies
14. She Said
15. Home
16. Gel
17. How do you love
18. Better now
19. Satellite
20. Shine

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