The Clash - Cut The Crap

Cut the Crap is The Clash's final album. It was originally released in 1985 as the follow-up to Combat Rock (1982), and was the first Clash record since Mick Jones' departure from the group in 1983.

Critical reception to the record was poor. Jones's absence coupled with drummer Topper Headon having been kicked out (unable to cope with his on-going heroin addiction) led many to regard Cut the Crap as a Joe Strummer solo album. Indeed, the album was set against Jones's This Is Big Audio Dynamite (1985) as just that. Strummer would later disown the album.


bulut on 3:41 pm said...

1. Dictator
2. Dirty Punk
3. We Are The Clash
4. Are You Red..Y
5. Cool Under Heat
6. Movers And Shakers
7. This Is England
8. Three Card Trick
9. Play To Win
10. Fingerpoppin'
11. North And South
12. Life Is Wild
13. Do It Now

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