Bjork - Debut

Debut, released in July of 1993, is a dance music album by Icelandic

singer/songwriter/musician Björk. It was her first solo project after leaving The Sugarcubes, but far from her actual debut, which was released in 1977. The record was produced by Nellee Hooper and established Björk's audience outside of Iceland and cult followings in the UK, US and elsewhere. Sonically, the album was a mix of dance beat-driven pop ("Violently Happy", "Big Time Sensuality", "There's More to Life Than This"), earthy, new age ("One Day", "The Anchor Song", "Aeroplane", "Human Behaviour"), and seductive rhythm based songs ("Venus as a Boy", "Come to Me").

Debut topped Billboard's Heatseekers chart and peaked at #61 on the Billboard 200 chart.
In 1998 Q magazine readers voted Debut the 74th greatest album of all time.


bulut on 1:45 pm said...

1. "Human Behaviour" (Björk/Hooper) – 4:12
2. "Crying" (Björk/Hooper) – 4:49
3. "Venus as a Boy" (Björk) – 4:41
4. "There's More to Life Than This" (Björk/Hooper) – 3:21
5. "Like Someone in Love" (Burke/VanHeusen) – 4:33
6. "Big Time Sensuality" (Björk/Hooper) – 3:56
7. "One Day" (Björk) – 5:24
8. "Aeroplane" (Björk) – 3:54
9. "Come to Me" (Björk) – 4:55
10. "Violently Happy" (Björk/Hooper) – 4:58
11. "The Anchor Song" (Björk) – 3:32
12. "Play Dead" (Arnold/Bjork/Wobble) – 3:58 (UK/Portugal/Japan only)
13. "Atlantic" (Björk) – 2:04 (Japan only)

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