Alice in Chains - Heroin

Alice in Chains were an influential grunge group formed by lead singer Layne Staley(1967-2002) in the mid-1980s as Alice N' Chains before the spelling of the name was changed. The name derived from their early stages as a band when the group would dress in drag at concerts. Along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, Alice in Chains was one of the most commercially successful bands from the Seattle, Washington grunge music scene. Unlike many of their peers, Alice in Chains owed more to heavy metal than to punk or '70s rock, but the group became closely associated with grunge due to their Seattle roots, the image they often presented (e.g., denim jeans, Dr. Martens boots, etc.), and their introspective and sometimes morbid lyrics.




bulut on 9:26 pm said...

01 - Suffragette City
02 - Bleed The Freak
03 - Social Parasite
04 - We Die Young
05 - Chemical Addiction
06 - Sunshine
07 - King Of The kats
08 - The Real Thing
09 - Killing Yourself
10 - Sea Of Sorrow
11 - I Can't Remember
12 - Queen Of The Rodeo
13 - (empty)
14 - Would
15 - Angry Chair
16 - Dam The River
17 - Them Bones
18 - Junkhead

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