Alice In Chains - Dirt

Dirt is a grunge album by Alice in Chains.

The band's breakthrough album, Dirt is widely regarded as Alice in Chains' best album, and classic from the golden age of grunge. Recorded while lead singer Layne Staley was suffering through a heroin addiction, the album's gloomy, drug-addicted music helped turn it into a hit, reaching #6 on Billboard's 200 albums chart.

The songs "Sickman", "Junkhead", "Dirt," "God Smack," "Hate To Feel" and "Angry Chair" are based on Staley's experiences with heroin. The song "Rooster" is based on the experiences of Jerry Cantrell's father, who fought in the Vietnam war; the name was his nickname as a soldier.

"Iron Gland", the untitled track before "Hate To Feel", features vocals by Tom Araya of Slayer, who the band brought in so he could provide an Angel of Death scream.


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