The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground

Many people confuse this self titled album from the Velvet Underground for their debut. And while this is incorrect, as it is their third release, there is some truth to it, as it debuts the band after the departure of John Cale. The songs actually sounded like rock music and John Cale's screeching musicality was reworked into songs that featured Sterling Morrison's most eloquent guitar accompaniment. Reed's songwriting moved beyond the armed to disarm approach of the previous two albums towards a spiritual level of empathy with the human race; this change does not go unnoticed. The man who once begged someone to "nullify [his] life" ('Heroin') was now asking 'Jesus' to "help me find my proper place," and whooping his way through the equally inspiring 'Beginning To See The Light'. To this day, every song on 'The Velvet Underground' sounds like a breakthrough. In short, 'The Velvet Underground' showcased the human side of Lou Reed's songwriting. Unobstructed by walls of sonic noise, Reed's insight and genius was finally allowed to shine through. An essential masterpiece.


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