Tindersticks - Curtains [1997]

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1. Another Night In
2. Rented Rooms
3. Don't Look Down
4. Dicks Slow Song
5. Fast One
6. Ballad Of The Tindersticks
7. Dancing
8. Let's Pretend
9. Desperate Man
10. Buried Bones
11. Bearsuit
12. Are You Trying to Fall In Love Again (Tonight)
13. I Was Your Man
14. Bathtime
15. Walking
16. A Marriage Made In Heaven

Curtains finds Tindersticks exploring the same dark, string-drenched territory as their first two albums, and while it shares a surface similarity with its predecessors, there are subtle differences that make it a rewarding listen. The tone of Curtains is slightly brighter than that of the second album, with the songs unfolding into lush, affecting laments that recall Scott WalkerCurtains is the songwriting. The Tindersticks have become more assured writers, letting the songs gradually develop into intimate epics. Stuart Staples' lyrics are similarly textured and subtle, with alternating layers of pathos and humor. Curtains, in many ways, functions as the culmination of what the Tindersticks set out to accomplish with their first two albums, and the results are appropriately stunning at his finest. Though the sound is seductive, what is most impressive about



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Excellent stuff... any chance of uploading their next album 'Simple Pleasures'?


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