This is a fantastic DVD showcasing one of the greatest live acts of the modern era. This is R.E.M. on their world tour after bringing our their magnificent Best Of CD. The band play a huge selection of their greatest hits in a beautful setting in Germany. R.E.M. are full of energy, and passion and deliver a concert that is simply out of this world.

Ignore the negative posts on that have been posted. To say R.E.M. were unethusiastic is nothing short of a joke, their performance was full of energy and passion and is nothing short of incredible. Also so say songs such as `Bad Day, Animal, and Begin The Begin' suck is again complete trash. They are all awesome songs, performed very well by the band. Also to say `Drive' and `Orange Crush' needed better delivery is again trash along with saying the band looked burnt out. Did Michael Stipe look burnt out when he delievered an incredible encore which sent the crowd hope in absolute raptures. Watch it and tell me they are burnt, and you will a comment like that is nothing short of being scandalous. Both songs were delivered fantastically well. Also comments about the music sounding exactly like it did in the studio is another trashy comment.

This is DVD full of energy and unrivalled enthusiasm showing R.E.M. performing a great selection of their biggest hits, from songs that fill a stadium to songs that fill your soul. The concert is set in a beautiful setting in Germany, making for an incredible concert with a vibrant and excited crowd. This R.E.M. at the top of their game, make no mistake about it, they are one of the greatest live acts of the 20th century and beyond, this is a DVD for all R.E.M. fans. Even if you are not an R.E.M. this DVD will go someway to persuading to become one. An amazing live DVD.


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