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A new band from New York. Reign, they called their name.They are using harmony of lots of music genre.Now they're gonna be a new excitement to rock/metal and alternative music lovers.But They're playing fastly then suddenly musics are going on with extremely good guitar solos.There is an examaple of their song named ''Mission''.Master work it is.You can find alternative rock,little kind of punk rhythms,high class guitar solos.Uo can be sorry cause of you didn't know them before.Now It's time to listen their song...I listened their ''Bloodshed'' song for many times.And I think ''Bloodshed'' is their best work.But It's important,each song of them has another impressive side.So you should listen all of them to find another taste of their music.And Last note:the drummer is very charismatic:) and playing good.

LeT's Rock....

Songs From Their EP:
Fuck all night
Are you man
You can also download from their website :


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