Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime II

Operation: Mindcrime II is the follow-up to Queensrÿche's 1988 original release, Operation: Mindcrime. It is scheduled for a April 4, 2006 North America release (March 29Japan, March 31 in Germany) on the Rhino Entertainment label. The first single is "I'm American", which will also have a music video. The release date for "I'm American" is February 21, 2006. 2006 release in

The album features Geoff Tate (vocals), Michael Wilton (guitar), Mike Stone (guitar, vocals), Eddie Jackson (bass guitar, vocals), and Scott Rockenfield (drums). Additional performers include Pamela Moore (vocals) reprising her role as Mary, and Ronnie James Dio assuming the part of "Dr. X".

The band has said that the album will be a chronologically correct sequel to its predecessor, taking place 18 years later after the protagonist Nikki was imprisoned, and will mainly revolve around his thoughts of revenge.
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Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime II

01 Freiheit Overture
02 Convict
03 I'm American
04 One Foot In Hell
05 Hostage
06 The Hands
07 Speed Of Light
08 Signs Say Go
09 Re-Arrange You
10 The Chase
11 A Murderer?
12 Circles
13 If I Could Change It All
14 An International Confrontation
15 A Junkie's Blues
16 Fear City Slide
17 All The Promises

Total Size : 94.8 MB


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