Pink Floyd - The division Bell

The Division Bell is the most recent studio album released by Pink Floyd in 1994 (March 30 in the United Kingdom, April 5 in the United States). The album was recorded at a number of studios, including guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour's houseboat studio called The Astoria. It debuted at #1 on The Billboard 200 album charts in April of 1994. The album was certified Gold, Platinum and Double Platinum in the US in June of 1994 and Triple Platinum in January of 1999 in the US. The album was named by Douglas Adams, taken from a line of the final track, "High Hopes". Its release was accompanied by a successful tour documented in the P*U*L*S*E album released the following year.

Before the Roger Waters-led period, David Gilmour stated that the music and lyrics were in balance, and the importance of the music was understood.The album's atmosphere is certainly spacier, sounding more like Meddle or Obscured by Clouds than the grittier and harsher tones of Animals or The Wall. David Gilmour and Rick Wright stated on In the Studio with Redbeard which spotlighted The Division Bell (the episode had interviews which were recorded for the album's premiere) that The Division Bell was the band's best album since their 1975 release Wish You Were Here.


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Thanks so much! I only picked up on the Airplane with "Volunteers" and I've got most of their stuff except for this one and "Bark" and "Long John Silver" ... I used to have the last 2 on vinyl but they've long since disappeared... have you got either of them as well?

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