Paisley Underground

Paisley Underground
The Paisley Underground was the most distinctive subgenre of jangle pop in the mid-'80s. Like jangle pop, the bands in the paisley underground revived the clean, chiming textures of folk rock, but they had a more psychedelic bent to their sound. Jangle-pop bands weren't necessarily revivalists -- they updated the ringing guitars and melodies of '60s guitar pop for the '80s -- but the paisley underground was determined to keep the sound of the '60s alive, through their music and their appearance. The paisley underground gained a dedicated following in the American underground during the mid-'80s, but their audience declined in the late '80s and the scene soon disappeared

By far the most popular band to emerge from the movement was The Bangles, who have had massive mainstream success, although each of the best known groups released at least one album on a major label.
sounds it often features. It was paralleled in other parts of the world by genres such as New Zealand's The wider movement of which it is a part is named jangle pop after the ringing, light guitarDunedin Sound, whose chief exponents (such as The Chills and Sneaky Feelings) were often cited as directly comparable to Paisley Underground bands


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