Muse - Origin of Symmetry

Origin of Symmetry is British rock band Muse's second album, released in the summer of 2001 on Mushroom Records in the UK. "Plug In Baby", "New Born", "Bliss", "Feeling Good" and "Hyper Music" were the singles from this album; the latter two were released together as a double-A-side.

Maverick Records, who previously released Showbiz in the US, asked Muse to remove the falsetto vocals for the Origin of Symmetry's US release. They believed that the falsetto would discourage radio play. Muse's refusal to compromise their artistic integrity (or ruin the song) saw them part ways with the label. For this reason, the CD was not released in the US until September 2005. Muse's track New Born was taken and remixed by Paul Oakenfold, and appears on the Swordfish soundtrack.

"Feeling Good" is a cover of a song originally from a 1965 musical (The Roar of the Greasepaint—the Smell of the Crowd). Nestlé tried to use it in a coffee commercial. Nestlé first sought the permission of Muse, who refused them the right to use the song, however Nestlé continued to use the song and therefore Muse took them to court. They were forced to remove it and pay the band £500,000 in damages (which the band donated to Oxfam), however Nestlé then replaced the Muse version with a close imitation.


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