Modest Mouse-The Moon and Antarctica

The Moon and Antarctica is the third full-length album by American indie rock band Modest Mouse, first released by Epic Records on June 13, 2000.

The album was the band's first release on a major label and was released on both compact disc and vinyl LP.

Short Bio:

Modest Mouse is an American indie rock band. The band was formed in 1993 in Issaquah, Washington by guitarist Isaac Brock, drummer Jeremiah Green and bassist Eric Judy.

Brock came up with the name "Modest Mouse" when he read the Virginia Woolf novel The Mark On the Wall in which the author described the working middle class as "modest, mouse-coloured people."


bulut on 1:25 pm said...

1. "3rd Planet"
2. "Gravity Rides Everything"
3. "Dark Center of the Universe"
4. "Perfect Disguise"
5. "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes"
6. "A Different City"
7. "The Cold Part"
8. "Alone Down There"
9. "The Stars Are Projectors"
10. "Wild Packs of Family Dogs"
11. "Paper Thin Walls"
12. "I Came as a Rat"
13. "Lives"
14. "Life Like Weeds"
15. "What People Are Made Of"

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