Maritime - We, The Vehicles (2006)

01. Calm
02. Tearning Up The Oxygen
03. People,The Vehicles
04. Parade Of Punk Rock T-Shirts
05. We Don't Think We Know
06. No One Will Remember You Tonight
07. Young Almuni
08. Don't Say You Don't
09. German Engineering
10. Twins
11. Protein And Poison
12. Before You Were Born
13. Call Me Home

We, The Vehicles, the second album from the collective of Davey von Bohlen, Dan Didier [both formerly of The Promise Ring] and Eric Axelson [formerly of Dismemberment Plan], is a triumphant realization of Maritime's unlabored goal and an occasional turn toward the darker, denser corners of years past. That's right: We, The Vehicles isn't all sunshine and bubbles. Maritime remains solidly tethered to pop perfection, but has taken space to let that pop cycle through all its permutations. Maritime may have a collective history to both cling to and run from, but with We, The Vehicles, the band steps forcefully into its own. More than a side project or an "ex-members of," it proves beyond a doubt that this is something viable and vital on its own.


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