king crimson - red

Red is an album by the band King Crimson, released in 1974. Musically the album is a neat bookend to most of the musical styles of King Crimson up to this point, in the sense that it combines the heavy metal sound from the previous two albums, whilst blending the Jazz-Rock moods of Lizard, and including the Mellotron that dominates the early Crimson sound.

  • Every track on Red is a studio recording, with the exception of "Providence", which is a live recording
  • "Red" was composed by Robert Fripp alongside a contrasting piece, "Blue", which has never been recorded.
  • A part of "Red" was excised before the track was recorded. This part was later incorporated into the King Crimson track "VROOOM VROOOM", on the album THRAK.


bulut on 6:11 pm said...


One of my earliest intro to Robert Fripp's legendary group was thru this album. Heavy & yet full of brain-turning time shifts. I think a critic once quipped Red as to a bunch of Berkeley students trying to play metal. Very fitting.


01. Red
02. Fallen Angel
03. One More Red Nightmare
04. Providence
05. Starless

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