Journey - Raised On Radio

Journey's ninth album, Raised on Radio, was released in May of 1986 on the Columbia Records label.

Following their two most successful albums, lead singer Steve Perry decided to take more control over the band's direction. Ross Valory and Steve Smith were fired from the band. The two were replaced by various studio musicians for the recording of Raised on Radio, including Randy Jackson (bass) and Larrie Londin (drums). Smith did record two tracks with Journey on the album.

Much of the album has a feel similar to Perry's solo album Street Talk. However, the classic Journey sound can still be heard on songs like "Girl Can't Help It", "Suzanne", and the long time concert staple "Be Good to Yourself". The album closer and ballad "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever", similar to that of "Faithfully", also achieved minor chart success.

Highest Chart Position: #4


champaloux on 10:58 pm said...

correct cover :

tracklist :

1. Girl Can't Help It
2. Positive Touch
3. Suzanne
4. Be Good to Yourself
5. Once You Love Somebody
6. Happy to Give
7. Raised on Radio
8. I'll Be Alright Without You
9. It Could Have Been You
10. Eyes of a Woman
11. Why Can't This Night Go on Forever

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