Japan - Tin drum

Tin Drum is the last studio album produced by Japan. Released in 1981, this album was somewhat different from their previous works, with more far-eastern influences. Guitarist Rob Dean had left the band by this point. Four of the album's eight tracks were released as singles in the UK ("The Art of Parties", "Cantonese Boy", "Visions of China" and "Ghosts"), whilst a live version of "Canton" was issued as a single to promote the Oil on Canvaslive album in 1983. Of these, the most commercially successful was "Ghosts", which is perhaps notable for being cited by several music commentators as probably the most unlikely track ever to reach the Top 5 in the UK singles chart, something which occurred during April, 1982. "Ghosts" is a minimalist, morose ballad, incorporating ring modulation sound-effects reminiscent of some of Karlheinz Stockhausen's seminal electronic music from the 1950s. Bereft of drums, the track would not be described as a commercially viable single in most circumstances. However, Japan's popularity at the time, in addition to the early 1980s fashion for New Wave / New Romantic music, allowed the single to become unexpectedly popular


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