Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown (2002)

1. Naked in the City Again
2. No, Not Now

3. Get in or Get Out
4. Bandages
5. Oh, Godamnit
6. Aveda
7. This Town
8. Talk to Me, Dance With Me
9. Save Us S.O.S.
10. In Cairo

Riding the wave of retropunk with their debut Make Up The Breakdown, Vancouver natives Hot Hot Heat look set to sweep away Canada's reputation for bland beigepop in a flash flood of jagged riffs, ska-flavoured skips and post-mod(ern) hits.
Despite their spiky and spangly leather-coated exterior, Hot Hot Heat are far more concerned with fun than fashion: frontman Steve Bays' hyperactive shrieks on "Oh Goddamnit" bring to mind a young Elvis Costello with a better sense of humour, while "Aveda" brings together the best (non fist-shaking) bits of the Clash and early XTC. "Bandages" is destined to occupy indie disco playlists and ring throughout halls of residence for the foreseeable future.
For Hot Hot Heat, the beat is king, and Make Up The Break



David said...

From Victoria, not Vancouver, actually. . . but a common mistake. Also from Victoria: NoMeansNo and um, letsee. . . Immaculate Machine. Geez, who else. . . Wolf Parade!

bulut on 8:06 am said...

mirror link:

Anonymous said...

if you want high quality (192kbps) version of album:
pass (if needed): harrypotter

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