The High Violets - To Where You Are (2006)

01. Sun Baby
02. Love Is Blinding
03. Chinese Letter
04. Invitation
05. Nocturnal
06. Cool Green
07. Want You
08. X-tasy
09. To Where You Are

Taking note from the likes of Ride, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus Mary Chain, the High Violets define their own swirling dream pop. Clint Sargent (vocals/guitar), Kaitlyn Ni Donovan (guitar/vocals), Allen Davis (bass), and Luke Strahota (drums) formed in the hip pockets of Portland, OR, in the late '90s, emerging from the ashes of the Bella Low and Echoplex. By the new millennium, the group was recording for the Irish label Reverb Records. They contributed their song "Fa" to the import collection 2002 Digital Belfast. the High Violets also inked a deal with the Reverb for their debut album, 44 Down, which was issued worldwide in spring 2002.


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