herMajesty - Memory & Loss (2005)

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Open Up Your Arms
Rebel Song (Ode to Joe Strummer)
Season In Hell

There are some songs ,deep songs.You go to different places where you didn't go before with
these songs.You feel the melody deep in your heart.Feeling something about a song,falling love with a song...And just erase the pain with a song.

Well herMajesty, it's a big chance to find such a good band which is more good from the others on the market.So let's listen and know them make your decision.Their most impressive song is ''Season In Hell'' from their first album named ''Memory & Loss (2005)''.

herMajesty eschews lower east side sleaze for the grandeur of overseas bands like Roxy Music, Pink Floyd and U2, eclectic bands like Flaming Lips and Spiritualized, and singer songwriters David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.
herMajesty follows in this tradition, seamlessly translating musical influences and life experiences into indelible melodies and lyrics that haunt and stir the soul. The band�s lush, moody and catchy sound combines thoughtful, emotionally charged lyrics with hooky, melodic writing and tight, creative arrangements.

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