The Flaming Lips - 20 Years of Weird

Flaming Lips 1986-2006
Interesting little collection of live tracks and rarities from the Lips. Actually, only three of these tracks are not recorded live so it definitely feels like a random, 20 year collection of live experiments than anything else. The 12 minute version of "When You Smile" is the best thing on here as it reminds you of what makes the Lips great: they're the only band that can mix Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Pixies, Butthole Surfers & Can and make it seem like it's (somewhat) normal.


bulut on 1:19 pm said...

01. Wayne's Intro
02. Free Radicals
03. Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear
04. With You
05. Whole Lotta Love/Can't Stop the Spring
06. Shine on Sweet Jesus
07. Space Age Love Song
08. Moth in the Incubator
09. When You Smile
10. Sleeping on the Roof
11. The Observer

Anonymous said...

the link isnt dead but the file is 0 kb.i would love you if you could repost it please. : )

bulut on 10:02 pm said...

it's a notpad included links

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