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Eskobar is a Swedish indie/pop band founded in Stockholm 1996.


Eskobar started playing together in the current lineup in late 1996. Back then, they were located in a small town called Ã…kersberga 30 kilometres north of Stockholm. 1999 they signed a record-deal with V2 Music after sending them a three-song demo. The first single was called On A Train and was released the 21st of Nov 1999. The debut album 'Til We're Dead was released in March the following year.

Eskobar - There's Only Now
Eskobar - 'Til We're Dead
Eskobar - A Thousand Last Chances

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bulut on 12:07 pm said...

Eskobar - There's Only Now
01. Move On
02. Why London
03. On The Ground
04. Into Space
05. Tell Me I'm Wrong
06. Worship You
07. Save The Day
08. Something Is Lost
09. Skyscraper
10. Someone New (feat. Heather Nova)
11. Snowman

Eskobar - 'Til We're Dead
1. Tumbling down
2. On a train
3. Good day for dying
4. Sin in my eys
5. Angels
6. Someone told me
7. So
8. She's not here
9. Love
10. On my side

Eskobar - A Thousand Last Chances
1. Cold Night
2. Big Sleeper
3. You Got Me
4. Fly On The Wall
5. Love Comes First
6. Violence
7. Love Strikes
8. Under These Stars
9. Bring The Action
10. Freedom
11. Even If You Know Me

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