The Cure - mixed up

An assortment of remixes, re-recordings, old singles, and one new song ("Never Enough"). Most of the remixes are quite radical, leaving only the bare bones of the original song. There are enough oddities and rare tracks on Mixed Up to make it necessary for Cure fans, but it's too specialized for casual listeners.


bulut on 1:05 pm said...



1 Lullaby [Extended Mix] Gallup, ODonnell, Smith ... 7:45
2 Close to Me [Closer Mix] Smith 5:46
3 Fascination Street [Extended Mix] Gallup, Smith, Thompson ... 8:48
4 The Walk [Everything Mix] Smith, Tolhurst 5:27
5 Lovesong [Extended Mix] Gallup, ODonnell, Smith ... 6:20
6 A Forest [Tree Mix] Gallup, Hartley, Smith ... 6:56
7 Pictures of You [Extended Dub Mix] Gallup, Smith, Thompson ... 6:42
8 Hot Hot Hot!!! Gallup, Smith, Thompson ... 7:01
9 The Caterpillar [Flicker Mix] Smith, Tolhurst 5:41
10 In Between Days [Shiver Mix] Smith 6:24
11 Never Enough [Big Mix] Gallup, Smith, Thompson ... 6:07

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