Byrds - Farther Along

Farther Along is an album by American band The Byrds, released in 1971 (see 1971 in music). Well aware of the stinging criticism that Byrdmaniax was receiving (and none too pleased with the album themselves), The Byrds promptly dispensed with Terry Melcher again, headed off to London, England in the summer of 1971 and quickly cut a new album, producing the whole thing themselves.

Unfortunately, the damage inflicted by Byrdmaniax was not undone, and Farther Along went largely unnoticed upon release, stalling at 152 in the U.S. (and failing to appear on the U.K. charts) and it disappeared quickly.

It would also turn out to be the last Byrds studio album with its latter day line-up and on Columbia Records. By 1972, Roger McGuinn had broken up the Columbia Byrds to facilitate a reunion of the original 1965 group (with David Crosby, Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, and Michael Clarke) and a "comeback" album.


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As depicted on the front cover of 1972's Farther Along, The Byrds had reached the end of the trail, but not before recording one last gem of an album. This dynamic swan song, though not intended as a final album, is a warm, fine record deserving of appreciation for its quiet nobility and winning performances. For students of Byrds' history, the bonus tracks featured here provide a revealing insight into a lost period between the recording of the group's last Columbia album and the launch of Roger McGuinn's solo career.

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