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AC/DC is an Australian hard rock band.

The group formed in Sydney, Australia in December, 1973. Their albums have sold in colossal numbers, the total now being estimated at well in excess of 150 million copies worldwide, with the 1980 album Back in Black selling over 21 million in the US alone and 40+ world wide. The band has had two distinctive lead singers, and its fans tend to divide its history into the "Bon Scott era (1974-80)" and the "Brian Johnson era (1980-present)".

Although the group is generally considered to be a pioneer of hard rock and heavy metal music, the members have always referred to their music as rock 'n' roll. Their music is rhythm & blues-based with a higher level of distortion in the lead and rhythm guitars. Overall, AC/DC is the most successful and well-known rock band to hail from Australia, ahead of other notables such as INXS.


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