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Tenacious D is the debut album of the comedy rock duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass. For their first album, they enlisted the help of drummer Dave Grohl; keyboardist Page McConnell of Phish; guitarist Warren Fitzgerald; and bass player Steve McDonald. The Dust Brothers produced the album. The majority of the songs on their debut album stem from early versions as seen on their HBO TV series. The record itself does not list the song titles on the back cover as is the convention but instead on the back cover of the jacket; therefore one must open the CD (after presumably buying it) to read them. This is perhaps to allow songs with expletives or words otherwise deemed offensive to escape censorship or omission.

The band's signature song is "Tribute", a tribute to the "greatest song in the world", which - according to the duo - was once created by themselves and has now unfortunately been forgotten. Early versions of the song incorporated guitar riffs borrowed from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven", suggesting that the so-called "greatest song" was in fact a rip-off or a cover of "Stairway to Heaven".

Their song "Wonderboy" (#34 UK, #48 Australia) and its video were also well-received, as a parody of and tribute to both the fantasy genre and power metal/epic metal. "Wonderboy" was a tale of an unlikely superhero, portrayed by Black in the video, as he formed an alliance with a fellow adventurer Young Nasty Man (Gass) and attempted to destroy a fire-breathing hydra. (Note: "Wonder Boy" is also the name of a video game series.)

Their song "Dio" was a tribute of some sorts to the rock singer Ronnie James Dio. In the song they ask that Dio stop playing rock music and allow them to fill his shoes. Dio himself liked the song enough that he let the band appear in his next music video "Push".

The third single from the album, "Fuck Her Gently", was released in May 2004. The video was animated by John Kricfalusi, creator of Ren and Stimpy, and features Jack and Kyle as nude cherubs on the shoulders of Satan.

The only follow-up release from Tenacious D as of yet has been The Complete Masterworks (on DVD).


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1. Kielbasa
2. One Note Song
3. Tribute
4. Wonderboy
5. Hard Fucking
6. Fuck Her Gently
7. Explosivo
8. Dio
9. Inward Singing
10. Kyle Quit The Band
11. The Road
12. Cock Pushups
13. Lee
14. Friendship Test
15. Friendship
16. Karate Schnitzel
17. Karate
18. Rock Your Socks
19. Drive-Thru
20. Double Team
21. City Hall

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